27th May 2024

Tracklist Typography & Process

The tracklist for the I May Be Some Time album is created using a very special technique. Each letter is cut out and arranged one by one, just like they would have been with letterpress printing during the early 1900s – the same era the album is inspired by.

The process allows granular control over the letters and spacing, producing an effect that is impossible to achieve with a technically perfect computer font.

This video provides a look at how it was done:

The tracklist on the back of the CD digipak. The same technique is used on the spine.

The album (with a myriad of original artwork) will be released on July 5th.


Million Moons

Herm the Younger

11th May 2024

Revisiting “Formations”

Looking through old work to inspire the new.

My 2019 artwork Formations was all about exploring symmetry and composition. The stars are made from simple drawings, mirrored across six lines. Smaller stars are scattered around them to complete the effect.

A tall, vertical banner was the perfect setting for these beautiful shapes:

Formations by Herm the Younger (2019)

Not only was this proof that you can make something out of nothing, but it affirmed that the best art is made that way. Limiting your means stimulates deep creativity.

The process itself created some lovely surprises. When the drawings were scanned in, they appeared to glow. As it happens, this effect was caused by my settings being wrong:

The glowing drawings (A4 scan)

Were I to remake this artwork now, I would retain much of this texture and lighting in the final piece. Yet the simplicity of this series does not offend five years later. It inspires, and that is the ultimate achievement of art.

To those who are reading:

Make good work.
It is all worth it.

8th May 2024

Voice of the Wild

I'm pleased to reveal the cover I designed for Voice of the Wild by Million Moons, the first single from their second full-length album.

The album is heavily inspired by Antarctic voyages of days gone by and tells the story of a doomed polar expedition. After digging deep into public archives, I found the remarkable photography of Frank Hurley (1885–1962), an adventurer and photographer present on those same missions.

The covers mix historic photos from Antarctic missions with icy palettes and beautiful typography

From the official press release:

“Herm the Younger created the album artwork, collaging archival photographs from Antarctic expeditions to create a haunting landscape that conveys the beauty and isolation these explorers encountered.”

The main album artwork and covers for all seven tracks will be released with the album on July 5th.

Above is a cutting from the album's tracklist. The letters were arranged individually, just like they would have been using letterpress printing in the early 1900s.

Cover art for the second single: Endure, Overcome
Coming Soon...


Million Moons

Art Direction
Herm the Younger

Frank Hurley

8th March 2024

Featured on Semplice.com

I was honoured to be featured this week in the Semplice Showcase. To everyone coming from there, welcome and I hope you enjoy exploring my work.

You are encouraged to download the artwork you love, save it to your mood boards, and reach out directly if you have ideas for collaboration.

I've built several websites using Semplice since 2018. The plugin allows deep (but simple) customisation, it's a one-time payment, and their support team personally help you when you have questions.

It's a lovely feeling to find a well-designed, functional, and affordable tool. Semplice is exactly that. I highly recommend it for building design portfolios and other websites that need a special touch.

Learn more about Semplice →

Special thanks to Tobias van Schneider and the Semplice team for featuring my work.

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1st March 2024

Break (Work in Progress)

New artwork – entitled Break – coming soon.

2nd February 2024

Album Cover Options

When working on an album cover, I always present two or three design options. Not only does this allow the musician to choose the best artwork, but it pushes us to explore several directions which interpret the music and brief in different ways.

Seen below are a selection of these from past projects:

Options for Jazznight
Options for TMB
Options for Lockhearted

From here, the favourite design is chosen and either finalised or refined further into the finished artwork. Work carries on patiently until something truly special is arrived at. That's what makes the difference.

⬩ ⬩ ⬩

If you have a design project you'd like to work on, please reach out:

I would love to hear from you.

21st December 2023

Public Statement on “AI”

Based on the significant danger it poses to art, reality, and meaningful human labour, I oppose AI in all forms for creative work. This refusal will be practised and is not negotiable.

The proliferation of artificial imagery is undermining our dignity (for example, by “generating” and distorting human faces and forms). It poses a significant threat to the fundamental truths we all hold in common.

I promise to continue making exceptional work. I will strive to present a more meaningful alternative to our children, giving them a future that is true and beautiful, not false and compromised.

Every word and image I publish is made by myself.
I accept full responsibility for my work.
That will never change.

—  Herm

7th October 2023

Coming Soon: VSO

Four months in the making...

I had the special opportunity to design both the inside and outside of Mike Futcher's first novel. The book, called Void Station One, will be released on November 1st with a case study showing the artwork we created in detail.

15th July 2023


I was honoured to design the cover for Casey Well's debut album Impermanence, complete with CD packaging and a wealth of original artwork. This project is the culmination of several years of creative collaboration between myself and Wells.

Five singles* that I designed artwork for appear on the album. Never before printed, they are woven through the booklet where they accompany the lyrics of each song.

A full case study for this project will follow when the album is released.

*These singles are: Keep It ComingMoving OnBrand New AgeTMBArchives


Casey Wells

Herm the Younger

3rd November 2022


I'm pleased to reveal the cover I designed for Downwards, the 2021 single by Pallasades.

The cover was developed in tandem with World II and III. After a thousand changes and refinements, it became what you see here: layers and layers of chaos and disorder.



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