Looking through old work to inspire the new.

My 2019 artwork Formations was all about exploring symmetry and composition. The stars are made from simple drawings, mirrored across six lines. Smaller stars are scattered around them to complete the effect.

A tall, vertical banner was the perfect setting for these beautiful shapes:

Formations by Herm the Younger (2019)

Not only was this proof that you can make something out of nothing, but it affirmed that the best art is made that way. Limiting your means stimulates deep creativity.

The process itself created some lovely surprises. When the drawings were scanned in, they appeared to glow. As it happens, this effect was caused by my settings being wrong:

The glowing drawings (A4 scan)

Were I to remake this artwork now, I would retain much of this texture and lighting in the final piece. Yet the simplicity of this series does not offend five years later. It inspires, and that is the ultimate achievement of art.

To those who are reading:

Make good work.
It is all worth it.