15th October 2021

Tipping Time

I was pleased to be asked to remaster Flower for the single cover of Tipping Time by Casey Wells. The new version looks beautiful on digital displays and prints true at 12 inches – the size of a vinyl record.

Single Cover for Tipping Time

This cover completed the trio of artworks we developed together, the other two being TMB and Archives, seen below.

Single Cover for TMBView project
Single Cover for Archives

25th February 2021

Nostalgia Forever

Visual branding for Gowe's EP Nostalgia Forever including album artwork, CD packaging, merch, and animation.

Album cover for Nostalgia Forever.
Single cover for Arrival.

CD Packaging

Digipak design for a limited run of physical CDs.
For the disc, the typography was printed “on silver”, revealing the reflective material beneath.
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29th December 2020

Half Moon Album Cover

I worked with Johan Qin, an emerging violinist from Northern California, on the album cover for his debut song D (Half Moon).

Johan initially contacted me to license Instinct, feeling that the atmosphere of the artwork suited his song perfectly.

In response, I developed two album covers – one featuring Instinct, and another featuring a new artwork created especially for the song.

The first design, based on the 2018 artwork Instinct.
The second design, based on a new artwork made for the release.

The new artwork – titled Half Moon – was chosen, and custom typography was added to finish the album cover.


Johan Qin

Art Direction
Herm the Younger

13th December 2019

Certificate of Authenticity

A closer look at the certificates I designed to accompany a set of three art prints I released. The envelopes were handmade from paper that matched the colour of the art print and printed with the name of each patron.

I have since refined the front design to include a wider margin (allowing space for people's thumbs and fingers when they are holding it), edition details, and other minor improvements.

10th December 2019

New Work: Formations

Illustrations exploring symmetry, composition, and making something out of nothing.

Formations by Herm the Younger
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24th November 2019

Signed Art Prints

This project documents the development of three giclée art prints: Hidden, Colour Pull and World. They are printed with archival ink on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm paper, ensuring brilliant colours and perfect detail. Dimensions: 12in x 12in.

The Chosen Artworks

Hidden Art Print
Colour Pull Art Print
World Art Print
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16th October 2019

Breaking Habits Album Cover

Album cover for Breaking Habits by Michael Barnum. We also created physical packaging for the CDs and worked with Felix von Líska on an animated version.


Sun Illustration
Physical CD Packaging
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18th December 2018

Brave New World

Commissioned by The Spiritual Machines for the cover of their 2018 single, Brave New World.


The Spiritual Machines

Art Direction
Herm the Younger

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