13th August 2022

Certificate of Authenticity

A closer look at the certificates I designed in 2019 to accompany a set of three art prints I released. The envelopes were handmade from paper that matched the colour of the art print and printed with the name of each patron.

These still look great three years later, but I have since refined the front design to include a wider margin (allowing space for people's thumbs and fingers when they are holding it), edition details, and other minor improvements.

More print projects will be released in the coming months.

10th May 2022

eBook Cover

I designed the cover for Johan Qin's recently published eBook, How To Think Like A Talented Creator. Johan was seeking a design that would provide a strong visual presence for his text. Something original, captivating, and formal.

eBook Cover for "How To Think Like A Talented Creator" by Johan Qin.
Custom logotype for the author's personal branding.

Design Notes

The final cover is comprised of three components:


The book's title is set in Caslon, an old English typeface which has been used in books for centuries. The serifs of this font and the classical layout add formality to the design, a key part of the brief.


The background comes from a much larger artwork of mine, A Sudden Vision. This ethereal backdrop was changed in every graphic to avoid its use becoming repetitive.


The border adds subtle decoration and frames the cover. As Johan noted, it also "makes it look like a reflective mirror, so the reader is getting an accurate reflection of themselves as a creator".


Several key quotes were selected from the text and made into graphics. These feature throughout the book and were also used for promotion.

Every one of the 40+ quotes has a uniquely textured background. This ensures that each one is interesting in its own right, worth reading, and avoids the visual pollution caused by using the same assets over and over again.


By working closely with the author I was able to design a cover that sets the tone for the content and quality of the book, and the graphics which helped him to promote it.


Johan Qin

Art Direction
Herm the Younger

15th February 2021

Playing with Fire Typography

Custom typography for an album cover. This type matches the style and placement we developed for Johan's first release, Half Moon.

The final album cover, featuring artwork by James Daus.

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