25th February 2021

Nostalgia Forever Album Cover

We created the visual branding for Gowe's 2020 EP Nostalgia Forever including album artwork, CD packaging, merch, and animation.

Album cover for Nostalgia Forever.
Single cover for Arrival.

CD Packaging

Digipak design for a limited run of physical CDs.
For the disc, the typography was printed "on silver", revealing the reflective material beneath.
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29th December 2020

Half Moon Album Cover

We worked with Johan Qin, an emerging violinist from Northern California, on the album cover for his debut song D (Half Moon).

Johan initially contacted us to license Instinct, feeling that the atmosphere of the artwork suited his song perfectly.

In response, we developed two album covers – one featuring Instinct, and another featuring a new artwork created by Herm the Younger especially for the song.

The first design, based on the 2018 artwork Instinct
The second design, based on a new artwork made for the release.

The new artwork – titled Half Moon – was chosen, and custom typography was added to finish the album cover.


Johan Qin

Art Direction
Herm the Younger

16th October 2019

Breaking Habits Album Cover

Album cover for Breaking Habits by Michael Barnum. We also created physical packaging for the CDs and worked with Felix von Líska on an animated version.


Sun Illustration
Physical CD Packaging
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