​​​​​​​Artist, Album
Casey Wells, TMB

Format, Year
Single, 2021

Album Cover, Artwork

TMB Album Cover Artwork
TMB Album Cover Artwork
TMB Album Cover Artwork
TMB Album Cover Artwork

Design Process

Once we had agreed on the twisted vortex concept, I refined Jeremiah's artwork with a series of edits to the colours and texture.

The last step was to crop the artwork close and set it off-centre, maximising its impact and highlighting all of the details.

Album Cover Porcess Animation

Alternative Covers

Three designs were developed for this project. The artwork seen above was chosen as the final. The others are included below.

TMB Alternative Album Cover 01

The second cover is based on World, an artwork by Herm the Younger.

TMB Alternative Album Cover 02

The third option features artwork by Jeremiah Van Guilder commissioned for the song.


Casey Wells

Art Direction
Herm the Younger

Jeremiah Van Guilder


This album cover marked the first collaboration between Jeremiah Van Guilder and Herm the Younger.

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Herm the Younger is an artist and designer from the UK.
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